• An administrator is an organizer. In companies, administrators devise short- and long-term plans that establish a clear set of goals and objectives.
  • Clerical level administrator. …
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  • Working in publishing, arts, and education. 

Who is an administrator

An administrator is a person who ensures that an organization operates efficiently. Their specific duties depend on the type of company, organization, or entity where they work. Above all, administrators need to be highly organized and have good communication skills.

The term may also refer to somebody who a court appoints to wind up a deceased person’s estate. In such cases, the person died without leaving a will, or it did not name an executor. Additionally, the court may appoint an administrator if the named executor cannot or will not act.

An administrator could be somebody the court appoints to manage the affairs of a company. Specifically, to manage the affairs of a business that has become insolvent. In other words, they manage a firm that has been put into administration.

We call a female administrator either an administratrix or administrator. Even though we rarely use the former term today, it is still valid and correct.